Captain America // artwork by Gene Ha (2002)

Gene Ha about this art:

My 2003 covers for Captain America issues #17#18 & #19 and my 2002 Captain America #50 cover.

The 2002 cover was one of two covers I did before the 9/11 attacks that weirdly presaged the attacks. I felt quite creeped out to see when the cover came out next year that I’d presented Cap marching off to fight in response to Pearl Harbor and jets and explosions over a skyscraper.


"Nostalgia is denial - denial of the painful present… the name for this denial is golden age thinking - the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one one’s living in. It’s a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present."

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Today’s the last day to put your bids in for parts of Ray Bradbury’s estate, which are being auctioned off this week. Some interesting items are on the auction block, including a spade that Bradbury wrote a poem about (bidding starts at $5,000), and three paintings that made their way onto Bradbury’s book covers: Addams Family cartoonist Charles Addams’ 1946 painting of a gothic mansion was used on the cover of Bradbury’s From the Dust Returned (bidding stars at $32,500); Louis Glanzman’s tattooed man painting was commissioned for a 1963 edition of The Illustrated Man (bidding starts at $15,000); and Dean Ellis’ Red Illustrated Man was commissioned for a 1969 edition of that same book (bidding starts at $6,000).

Uh, anyone wanna go in on the spade? 


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